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What’s the difference between wedding planning and wedding styling and do you offer both?

Wedding stylists essentially take care of the visual and aesthetic elements of your wedding – venue recommendations, floor plans, furniture and décor hire, lighting design, florals, stationery and so on. Wedding planners may be involved in other aspects of your day such as transportation, accommodation, catering, entertainment and outfit selection. Our passion is styling and this is where we specialise, however we are also qualified wedding planners and can assist with other aspects of your day should you require this. To be honest, we find that most clients don’t want to spend a fortune to have a wedding planner deal with every detail of their day – they are happy to take care of most things themselves but just need a stylist to pull together the look of the day and help with the set up and pack down. Our team is multi-skilled and capable of managing any aspect of your big day, so if there is something you need, just ask and we can come up with a package to suit you!

What exactly do you do?

We assist with the design and planning of all visual elements of your day, sourcing appropriate suppliers, working out the logistics and being there on the day itself to manage the set-up of the venue. We can also attend at the end of the reception or the following day to help pack everything away and ensure that all hired items are returned to their owners (something a lot of people don’t think about and not necessarily something your venue will be willing to do).  Of course, as part of the process of designing and styling your wedding we will get to know you as a couple so that we can add those personal touches that are going to make your day special and unique and ensure that, as well as being cohesive, your wedding styling is a true reflection of you as a couple.

Do you provide coordination services on the wedding day?

We coordinate the set up and pack down of your wedding furniture and décor, and can also provide the services of an experienced event coordinator as an extra should you need someone to be present during the event itself. Often your venue or caterer will supply a coordinator so you won’t need us during the reception.

Why can’t we get our family/friends to set up our wedding?

You can. But they are unlikely to enjoy your wedding day as much as they would if you hired a professional to do it and in offering to help you they probably haven’t realised the amount of work involved. Our team works intensely for hours on the day of your wedding – it is not a glamorous job and can involve a lot of physical work as well as last minute problem-solving! We definitely wouldn’t want to be rushing home to shower and get ready after setting up a wedding to attend as a guest – it’s the reason we don’t normally style our friends’ weddings! There is also lots to do in the week or so leading up to the wedding such as confirming deliveries, collecting hire items and preparing items. You probably have better things to do in the lead up to your big day and your family/friends probably have proper jobs that they sort of need to be at…

Our venue coordinator says they will set up the reception for us – why do we need a stylist?

Your venue coordinator works for your venue. So while they will take care of the things the venue is supplying they may not be able to handle the details which you or your vendors are supplying to the same standard a stylist would. And if a vendor doesn’t show up when they are supposed to, delivers the wrong item or something is missing or damaged, they may not have the time to sort it out. We are conscious of working collaboratively with venue coordinators and keeping the lines of communication open so that your day can run as smoothly as possible.

If we hire you do we still get to make decisions?

Your wedding day is YOURS. We will do all the running around and present options and recommendations to you, but you will make the final decision. Of course we will guide you in the process and offer our advice.

How do you charge for your services?

We don’t have standard packages as every wedding is so different, however we do like to give our clients certainty in terms of pricing. After meeting with you to discuss your requirements, we will put together a tailored package and work out a fixed fee. We work this fee out by estimating the number of hours of work we will be undertaking and how many staff members will be required to assist on the day of your wedding. A fixed fee means that even if we end up spending more time than estimated on your wedding you won’t pay any extra – and trust me we never end up spending less time on your wedding than estimated! We are happy to send you a copy of our current services and pricing guide so that you have some idea of what we charge and can determine whether or not we are within your budget before proceeding with a formal quote.

Do you hire out furniture and décor?

We have made a conscious decision not to become a hire business. The reason for this is that every wedding is unique and we love being able to source items to suit your individual styling from whichever supplier has the most appropriate items available for the budget you have. Frankly, we’d get bored styling with the same items all the time! However, we do have a small, constantly growing collection of décor items such as smaller pieces of furniture, signage, cake pedestals, votives, lanterns, linens and so on which we can incorporate where appropriate. If you do want to incorporate our décor into your styling we don’t charge for individual items but instead set a fixed hire fee and use as many items as required to suit your theme. This is so that we can add all those little touches that you might not necessarily want to spend money on which is what we think really takes your styling to the next level.

Do you have preferred suppliers you work with?

We certainly have suppliers we work with often who are highly recommended by us due to their skill, talent, reliability and professionalism. But it is important that the suppliers we use for your wedding are also a good fit for you and your style, so if we come across a new supplier we think would be perfect for you or if you have a supplier you have already booked or really want to use, we are totally happy to work with them. We love meeting new suppliers!

Do you get discounts from suppliers?

Some of our regular suppliers do give us an industry discount which we will always pass on to you.

Why should we choose you to work with us?

Ultimately we believe that you need to choose a stylist you feel comfortable with and whose style aligns with yours. Of course we (really really!) hope that you like us, but if you don’t or aren’t sure then you shouldn’t choose us. Here are some reasons though why we think you will like us and should choose us!

  1. For our expertise – We have extensive practical experience in hospitality and events as well as interior design and styling. Our owner has qualifications in Wedding Planning as well as Meetings & Events as well as a strong hospitality and customer service background. Our team members have experience in interior design, visual merchandising, hospitality and administration.
  2. For our knowledge of the Perth wedding industry – We know which suppliers have what you want without having to do the hours of research you would probably do if you were trying to source things yourself. We know which suppliers will suit your style and budget. We also know which suppliers are dependable and great to work with.
  3. For our professionalism – Operating a successful styling business isn’t just about being creative – it’s also about being professional. Many of our team members have worked in professional service industries and know a thing or two about meeting deadlines, being organised and delivering a professional result. We are also big on contingency plans – whether it’s ensuring that there is a wet weather option or ensuring that if one of us is desperately ill on your wedding day there will be someone else available to take over, we will have it covered so you don’t have to think about it.
  4. For our enthusiasm – We are definitely big on romance here at Flights of Fancy! We love a good love story. Because each couple’s story is so unique we get excited about every wedding we style – we love to see how you work as a team throughout the whole process and then see you so deliriously happy on your wedding day.
  5. Because we know what it’s like to get married – The whole reason for setting up Flights of Fancy was to be able to help brides and grooms and take some of the pressure off them, both in the lead-up to the day and on the day itself. You can’t know until you have planned your own wedding just how stressful and exhausting it can be. We want to make the experience of getting married fun – as it should be!
That all sounds awesome – where to from here?

We will set up an initial meeting to discuss your plans and requirements in general. From here we will go away and put together a personalised quote for you. If you’re happy with this we’ll then prepare a contract and invoice and once this is signed we can get started on working together to make your day amazing!

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